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11 Plus Tuition In Birmingham



One To One 11 Plus Tutoring For
Independent School Entry

I tutor children who are in years 4 and 5 in groups and on a one to one basis in preparation for the entrance exams into local independent schools such as King Edwards Five WaysKing Edward’s High School for Girls, King Edward’s Boys, Edgbaston High School, Solihull School, Bromsgrove School and many others and I provide a full tutoring package that includes maths, verbal reasoning, comprehension, English 11+ skills, and creative writing. I also offer 11+ practice examinations that are specifically geared towards ensuring the best coverage, skills, and techniques to prepare your child for taking the eleven plus independent school entrance exams.


Whilst there is no guarantee of passing the exams, I do have an excellent track record, and children have always had offers from their preferred schools.


I always assess the child first to make sure that they will cope with the level of difficulty of work and some of the pressures that come with the workload. I tutor at my home once a week and provide homework for the week too. I work with the child and also the parents as we all co-operate together as a team to ensure maximum learning for the child.


My sessions are fast-paced, engaging, and challenging and aim to boost your child’s confidence and fulfill their potential. The skills, knowledge, and techniques they acquire are for life, not just to pass exams!


I recommend the workshops and practice exams alongside the one to one tuition as a whole package If you are considering 1-1 tuition, it is best to have a quick phone chat with me about your child’s circumstances, and we can then see if it is suitable to arrange an assessment.


If you are looking for an 11 plus tuition centre near to you or would like more details and an initial chat please feel free to call me on 07841 470926. 

Eleven plus tuition in Birmingham


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