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Maths & English Tuition Testimonials




Dawn is an excellent classroom practitioner. She develops an effective working environment, setting high expectations of pupil achievement and fosters positive relationships within her classroom among children and adults alike. She provides for pupils of all abilities, including provision for particular special educational needs in her current class and gifted and talented pupils. Her performance has always been outstanding.
Mark Slater- Ex-Headteacher at Harborne Primary School

I have been privileged enough to observe her outstanding teaching on a number of occasions. Dawn’s class make higher or much higher than expected progress, particularly in Maths and English. Dawn is a fantastic teacher and I recommend her wholeheartedly. She is an excellent class teacher.
Duncan Wilson- Deputy Headteacher at Harborne Primary School


Dawn has tutored both of my daughters providing complementary support to that given at school to help to consolidate (and expand) their knowledge in both English and maths. This additional support enabled the girls to flourish and obtain offers (and scholarships in many cases) to all of the schools they sat entrance examinations for.

Natalie Singh



Both of my children worked with Dawn in a 1-2-1 and group lesson capacity in preparing for Birmingham grammar school and top independent school entrance exams. Dawn’s tailored and patient tutoring and unique approach to explaining concepts they struggled with, coupled with ample exam technique practice ensured that they felt prepared and unfazed by the actual exam period and both achieved results beyond our expectations, including coveted scholarships. It was reassuring to have Dawn to guide us as parents through an unfamiliar process and it’s also been great to see my kids still using the tips and techniques they learned with Dawn at secondary school. Skills for life! Hugely grateful for Dawn’s support throughout and I would highly recommend.
Valerie Evans

Dawn is an exceptional tutor, who has a wonderful, holistic approach to teaching. Her classes and workshops are well structured, engaging, and fun. Our daughter really enjoyed her time with Dawn; in particular her enthusiasm and energy. Most significantly, she has developed skills that go beyond the 11+ and that will help her throughout her education!

We are very grateful to Dawn for her dedication, inspiration, and guidance.


Both my sons were tutored by Dawn to help them through independent secondary school entrance exams. They flourished under her guidance and both achieved the results they needed. What can I say? I cannot speak too highly of her! Professional at all times, engaging and caring. Her results speak for themselves!
Christie Forty

Dawn’s workshops and one-to-one lessons helped me to really develop my skills. Initially, when I first began with Dawn I lacked creativity and didn’t enjoy writing. She introduced me to new genres that appealed and English is now one of my favourite subjects.  I’ve always liked maths and problem solving. Dawn’s style of teaching has taught me to think outside the box. I’m really glad I had Dawn to prepare me for my entrance exams.
Remy Granger (pupil)

Dawn has been such a motivational tutor and has helped Remy achieve his goals and more. We were kept informed on his progress weekly and she recognised his potential and gave him the confidence and self belief he needed.

Dawn was genuinely invested in Remy and was a key factor in everything that he achieved.
Sara Granger.

Dawn Fellows is extremely professional and is purely dedicated to helping her students achieve their best academic capabilities at a high level.

Within a few sessions, I could see my daughters improve in literature and mathematics. She gave them the confidence and tools to set the entry exams.

Speaking from experience, Dawn is very engaging and informative with her students, giving feedback on every session, notifying me of what my daughter has been working on, and what we need to focus on.

As well as these individuals sessions, Dawn sets up optional workshops allowing the children to work in a group environment. These sessions are packed with incredible tools, facts and tips deepening their understanding of the subject.

I couldn’t recommend Dawn enough!  Both my daughters had the best experience and she has allowed them to be confident students as they step forward in their journey of secondary school.
Geraldine Kachloul

Both of my children have been tutored by Dawn. She is the most amazing, astute and knowledgeable tutor. She has extensive knowledge of all of the local grammar and fee-paying schools. She tutors towards these schools and will work with your child to make sure that they are prepared for the exams for those schools.

She is the most amazing teacher of writing and will take your child through the writing process, step by step, a process that she will share with parents if you need her to.

She is amazing at teaching maths, picking up on misconceptions, and ensuring that children are tackling problems and ensuring that they are ready for the exams.

Her workshops are fantastic and help the children to focus on the skills that they need for their exams.

My children have benefitted massively from Dawn's tutoring and from her maths and writing workshops. I cannot recommend her highly enough.
Kate Coughlan

Dawn has supported two of our three children over the last couple of years. She began teaching our eldest during lockdown of his year 5 with the 11 plus and KES entrance exams only months away. Dawn’s relaxed, yet enthusiastic approach gave Will the confidence he was lacking at this time. Encouraging him and pushing him to achieve more in equal measure, Will gained offers at both KES and CHB and we couldn’t have been happier for him. Dawn has a style and approach that works amazingly well with our children. She cares about building a relationship which brings out the best in all they do. We couldn’t recommend her more highly.
Hilary Middup

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