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Dawn Fellows



About Me 

My name is Dawn Fellows. I have been teaching and tutoring for 30 years and have a great deal of experience with years 2 to 7 children, but particularly with years 5 and 6. I have taught in a variety of different schools with children from different cultures and backgrounds, with children who have English as their second language and have also taught English abroad to Spanish children and adults.

I love to maximise a child’s potential in learning and achieving. I teach to cement solid foundations and cultivate methods and technique. I also alongside these, develop a child’s speed, rigour and self-esteem to face competitive examinations.

Leaving mainstream school, I now privately tutor, on a 1-1 basis at my home, and I also offer a range of successful workshops for children on zoom which I have been doing for the last three years. The work I do is to prepare children for the entrance
exams into independent schools in the Midlands. I also offer practice exams for children.

I understand how children tick, what their worries are and how to nurture them to bring out the very best in them. For me, the satisfying aspect of my job is to watch them flourish and grow in self-belief to achieve their very best, so that they not only tackle exams calmly and confidently, but so that they go on from there to start the secondary education feeling good about themselves and to carry those skills and knowledge with them for the future. It’s about the whole child.

How do I teach?

Keeping your child engaged is so important, especially when it comes to tricky concepts! So… I break up 1-1 sessions and workshops into chunks. I like to call it “chunking”! By teaching and learning in smaller bites, the mind can switch to something fresh and new and take more in, rather than spending ages on the same topic.

The workshops and 1-1 sessions are fast paced. This also keeps them on their toes! In the workshops, the children can hear others’ work and ideas and share theirs too so this keeps them on task and engaged, as well as hearing the standards of other children.

I use “modelling” a lot- this means I show the children how to do it first before they have a go. For example, I show them how to put ideas together into a piece of writing, how to use a method to solve a Maths’ problem or demonstrate how or when to use a new word or punctuation.

I try to use humour where I can! I play quick games sometimes and make sessions fun! Learning doesn’t have to be boring!

If you’d like to find out more, click on the different workshops and exams to find out more details and how to book.



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